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Our Journey

We started our journey in 2021 in the manufacturing of ‘Range’ Basmati Rice in Chennai. Our brand name is Range. We are specialised in 1121 White Long Grain Basmati Rice. We are having a product of White Long Grain Basmati Rice which is of 20mm length and that is our speciality in the Indian market. It is Fully Polished Basmati Rice.

We are continuously working hard in bringing the best quality of Basmati Rice and we are still maintaining the best aroma and taste and our rice is GMO free.

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Manufacturing and Supply of 'Range' Basmati Rice

We are the manufacturer of ‘Range’ Basmati Rice. We are the only supplier of our ‘Range’ Basmati Rice in all over Chennai. Our supply ranges from Kelambakkam to Parrys in Chennai. We have 1kg packet of ‘Range’ Basmati Rice. We supply to Supermarkets, Marriage Halls, Catering Services, Hotels, Restaurants, Hostels, and to all individual people who needs the best White Long Grain 1121 Basmati Rice. Those who are interested in buying the best quality 1121 Basmati Rice at a very cheap rate, contact us immediately. 

Our Company

Our company name is ‘Green 5 Foods’. We have our own brand name ‘Range’. We have 1121 Basmati Rice with us. we produce a rich quality of basmati rice and we also see that the quality and the standards of our rice is the best in the market. We have a team to ensure that the product which is released from our company satisfies the customers. Sincere is our motto. We are always sincere in our brand and in our product. Our vision, mission, aim is to give the premium quality product to all the people in the world. 

We are the No.1 Basmati Rice maufacturer and supplier in India. We have the best quality of 1121 Basmati Rice in India. We follow all the Indian standards in providing the quality rice in India. Our company always gives the complete effort of giving the quality and quantity product to the people. We don’t compromise in our quality. We have many future plans in the time coming up. We will be introducing more and more food products in the upcoming days.

Our Detailed Cooking Method

Biriyani Preparation Method

Steam Rice Preparation Method

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